Friday, 26 March 2010

New Scenario - Interim Measures

Well that did not take long, The pack has only been out a few hours and Darpor has already written a scenario for it.
Follow the link below for free download.

Interim Measures

Thanks Darren.


Following a mixup in this years rolling stock cascade, BR have provided several new services per day to and around Phorum Peninsula using loco hauled stock in place of the delayed delivery of Class 101 DMU's. Today, you will take charge of a service from Yeovil to Phetts Halt stopping at all intermediate stations before running ECS to the temporary TMD at Peninsula Shipping.


Take a "top and tailed" Class 37 loco hauled service from the outskirts of Ash Row to Phetts Halt stopping at all intermediate stations before heading to the temporary TMD at Peninsula Shipping. Please be aware that once entering the TMD, you will be required to manually set the points to your final siding in order to be given the signal to proceed.


This scenario requires no further downloads other than the Phorum Peninsula route itself.

I have uploaded it to my site, please check the "scenario downloads" section. The file is in .rar format so needs to be unpacked first before installing the .rwp via package manager.


  1. I really have no idea where else I'd send this... so I'll send it here.

    When you're moving in either direction on the Class 07 engine, only the center axle rotates. The outer axles remain stationary.

  2. yep, it was a bug that got fixed but missed the release. It will be updated next week.



  3. Since we're already off-topic, I might as well post:

    Do you have ANY idea when the tram might be added?

    And what was/were the issue(s) with it anyway?